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  1. Photo of Hampe Faustman

    Hampe Faustman Director

  2. Photo of Bertil Malmberg

    Bertil Malmberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lorens Marmstedt

    Lorens Marmstedt Producer

  4. Photo of Lars-Erik Larsson

    Lars-Erik Larsson Music

  5. Photo of Moses Pergament

    Moses Pergament Music

  6. Photo of Hilding Bladh

    Hilding Bladh Cinematography

  7. Photo of P.A. Lundgren

    P.A. Lundgren Production Design

  8. Photo of John Zacharias

    John Zacharias Costume Design

  9. Photo of Arthur Waldersten

    Arthur Waldersten Sound

  10. Photo of Gunn Wållgren

    Gunn Wållgren Cast

  11. Photo of Stig Järrel

    Stig Järrel Cast

  12. Photo of Sven Miliander

    Sven Miliander Cast

  13. Photo of Kolbjörn Knudsen

    Kolbjörn Knudsen Cast

  14. Photo of Ingrid Borthen

    Ingrid Borthen Cast

  15. Photo of Hilda Borgström

    Hilda Borgström Cast

  16. Photo of Elsa Widborg

    Elsa Widborg Cast

  17. Photo of Tord Stål

    Tord Stål Cast

  18. Photo of Linnéa Hillberg

    Linnéa Hillberg Cast

  19. Photo of Anders Ek

    Anders Ek Cast