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  1. Photo of Jack Conway

    Jack Conway Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Sam Wood

    Sam Wood Director

  3. Photo of Anita Loos

    Anita Loos Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Emerson

    John Emerson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jean Harlow

    Jean Harlow Cast

  6. Photo of Lionel Barrymore

    Lionel Barrymore Cast

  7. Photo of Franchot Tone

    Franchot Tone Cast

  8. Photo of Lewis Stone

    Lewis Stone Cast

  9. Photo of Patsy Kelly

    Patsy Kelly Cast

  10. Photo of Alan Mowbray

    Alan Mowbray Cast

  11. Photo of Clara Blandick

    Clara Blandick Cast

  12. Photo of Hale Hamilton

    Hale Hamilton Cast

  13. Photo of Henry Kolker

    Henry Kolker Cast

  14. Photo of Nat Pendleton

    Nat Pendleton Cast

  15. Photo of Ray June

    Ray June Cinematography

  16. Photo of Harold Rosson

    Harold Rosson Cinematography

  17. Photo of William Axt

    William Axt Music

  18. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  19. Photo of Bernard H. Hyman

    Bernard H. Hyman Producer

  20. Photo of Tom Held

    Tom Held Editing