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  1. Photo of John W. Brunius

    John W. Brunius Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sam Ask

    Sam Ask Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

    Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Karin Molander

    Karin Molander Cast

  5. Photo of Lars Hanson

    Lars Hanson Cast

  6. Photo of Egil Eide

    Egil Eide Cast

  7. Photo of Hjalmar Peters

    Hjalmar Peters Cast

  8. Photo of Svea Peters

    Svea Peters Cast

  9. Photo of Ingrid Sandahl

    Ingrid Sandahl Cast

  10. Photo of Einar Röd

    Einar Röd Cast

  11. Photo of Gösta Cederlund

    Gösta Cederlund Cast

  12. Photo of Torsten Bergström

    Torsten Bergström Cast

  13. Photo of Einar Bruun

    Einar Bruun Cast

  14. Photo of Artur Cederborgh

    Artur Cederborgh Cast

  15. Photo of Lisa Holm

    Lisa Holm Cast

  16. Photo of Justus Hagman

    Justus Hagman Cast

  17. Photo of Palle Brunius

    Palle Brunius Cast

  18. Photo of Solveig Hedengran

    Solveig Hedengran Cast

  19. Photo of Stina Kåge

    Stina Kåge Cast

  20. Photo of Emil Fjellström

    Emil Fjellström Cast

  21. Photo of John Melin

    John Melin Cast

  22. Photo of Alfred Lundberg

    Alfred Lundberg Cast

  23. Photo of Harald Wehlnor

    Harald Wehlnor Cast

  24. Photo of Anders Henrikson

    Anders Henrikson Cast

  25. Photo of Harald Aimarsen

    Harald Aimarsen Cast

  26. Photo of Hugo Edlund

    Hugo Edlund Cinematography

  27. Photo of Arthur Thorell

    Arthur Thorell Cinematography

  28. Photo of Matti Bye

    Matti Bye Music

  29. Photo of Gustaf Hallén

    Gustaf Hallén Production Design