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  1. Photo of Mamoru Hosoda

    Mamoru Hosoda Director

  2. Photo of Takeshi Yasuda

    Takeshi Yasuda Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ken Iyadomi

    Ken Iyadomi Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Shinichiro Inoue

    Shinichiro Inoue Producer

  5. Photo of Jungo Maruta

    Jungo Maruta Producer

  6. Photo of Satoko Okudera

    Satoko Okudera Screenplay

  7. Photo of Riisa Naka

    Riisa Naka Cast

  8. Photo of Takuya Ishida

    Takuya Ishida Cast

  9. Photo of Mitsutaka Itakura

    Mitsutaka Itakura Cast

  10. Photo of Ayami Kakiuchi

    Ayami Kakiuchi Cast

  11. Photo of Mitsuki Tanimura

    Mitsuki Tanimura Cast

  12. Photo of Sachie Hara

    Sachie Hara Cast

  13. Photo of Yuki Sekido

    Yuki Sekido Cast

  14. Photo of Midori Ando

    Midori Ando Cast

  15. Photo of Shigeru Nishiyama

    Shigeru Nishiyama Editing

  16. Photo of Kiyoshi Yoshida

    Kiyoshi Yoshida Music

  17. Photo of Nizou Yamamoto

    Nizou Yamamoto Production Design

  18. Photo of Hiroyuki Aoyama

    Hiroyuki Aoyama Animation

  19. Photo of Chikashi Kubota

    Chikashi Kubota Animation

  20. Photo of Masashi Ishihama

    Masashi Ishihama Animation