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  1. Photo of Mario Monicelli

    Mario Monicelli Director

  2. Photo of Rodolfo Sonego

    Rodolfo Sonego Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luigi Magni

    Luigi Magni Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ronald Harwood

    Ronald Harwood Screenplay

  5. Photo of Monica Vitti

    Monica Vitti Cast

  6. Photo of Stanley Baker

    Stanley Baker Cast

  7. Photo of Carlo Giuffrè

    Carlo Giuffrè Cast

  8. Photo of Corin Redgrave

    Corin Redgrave Cast

  9. Photo of Anthony Booth

    Anthony Booth Cast

  10. Photo of Aldo Puglisi

    Aldo Puglisi Cast

  11. Photo of Tiberio Murgia

    Tiberio Murgia Cast

  12. Photo of Dominic Allan

    Dominic Allan Cast

  13. Photo of Deborah Stanford

    Deborah Stanford Cast

  14. Photo of Catherine Feller

    Catherine Feller Cast

  15. Photo of Helen Downing

    Helen Downing Cast

  16. Photo of Natasha Harwood

    Natasha Harwood Cast

  17. Photo of Stefano Satta Flores

    Stefano Satta Flores Cast

  18. Photo of Carlo Di Palma

    Carlo Di Palma Cinematography

  19. Photo of Peppino De Luca

    Peppino De Luca Music

  20. Photo of Gianni Hecht Lucari

    Gianni Hecht Lucari Producer

  21. Photo of Fausto Saraceni

    Fausto Saraceni Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Ruggero Mastroianni

    Ruggero Mastroianni Editing