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  1. Photo of Giuliano Biagetti

    Giuliano Biagetti Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Giorgio Mariuzzo

    Giorgio Mariuzzo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Philippe Leroy

    Philippe Leroy Cast

  4. Photo of Leonora Fani

    Leonora Fani Cast

  5. Photo of Pupo De Luca

    Pupo De Luca Cast

  6. Photo of Dana Ghia

    Dana Ghia Cast

  7. Photo of Stefano Amato

    Stefano Amato Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Pia Conte

    Maria Pia Conte Cast

  9. Photo of Filippo De Gara

    Filippo De Gara Cast

  10. Photo of Barbara Bouchet

    Barbara Bouchet Cast

  11. Photo of Dante Cleri

    Dante Cleri Cast

  12. Photo of Luigi Antonio Guerra

    Luigi Antonio Guerra Cast

  13. Photo of Carla Mancini

    Carla Mancini Cast

  14. Photo of Antonio Borghesi

    Antonio Borghesi Cinematography

  15. Photo of Berto Pisano

    Berto Pisano Music

  16. Photo of Alberto Moriani

    Alberto Moriani Editing