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  1. Photo of David Fincher

    David Fincher Director

  2. Photo of Steven Zaillian

    Steven Zaillian Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Stieg Larsson

    Stieg Larsson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig Cast

  5. Photo of Stellan Skarsgård

    Stellan Skarsgård Cast

  6. Photo of Rooney Mara

    Rooney Mara Cast

  7. Photo of Robin Wright

    Robin Wright Cast

  8. Photo of Christopher Plummer

    Christopher Plummer Cast

  9. Photo of Embeth Davidtz

    Embeth Davidtz Cast

  10. Photo of Joel Kinnaman

    Joel Kinnaman Cast

  11. Photo of Joely Richardson

    Joely Richardson Cast

  12. Photo of Goran Višnjić

    Goran Višnjić Cast

  13. Photo of Julian Sands

    Julian Sands Cast

  14. Photo of Steven Berkoff

    Steven Berkoff Cast

  15. Photo of Geraldine James

    Geraldine James Cast

  16. Photo of Ceán Chaffin

    Ceán Chaffin Producer

  17. Photo of Anni Faurbye Fernandez

    Anni Faurbye Fernandez Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Ryan Kavanaugh

    Ryan Kavanaugh Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Scott Rudin

    Scott Rudin Producer

  20. Photo of Søren Stærmose

    Søren Stærmose Producer

  21. Photo of Ole Søndberg

    Ole Søndberg Producer

  22. Photo of Trent Reznor

    Trent Reznor Music

  23. Photo of Atticus Ross

    Atticus Ross Music

  24. Photo of Jeff Cronenweth

    Jeff Cronenweth Cinematography

  25. Photo of Kirk Baxter

    Kirk Baxter Editing

  26. Photo of Angus Wall

    Angus Wall Editing

  27. Photo of Yorick van Wageningen

    Yorick van Wageningen Cast

  28. Photo of Donald Sumpter

    Donald Sumpter Cast

  29. Photo of Ulf Friberg

    Ulf Friberg Cast

  30. Photo of Bengt C.W. Carlsson

    Bengt C.W. Carlsson Cast

  31. Photo of Tony Way

    Tony Way Cast

  32. Photo of Per Myrberg

    Per Myrberg Cast

  33. Photo of Josefin Asplund

    Josefin Asplund Cast

  34. Photo of Eva Fritjofson

    Eva Fritjofson Cast

  35. Photo of Moa Garpendal

    Moa Garpendal Cast

  36. Photo of Werner Biermeier

    Werner Biermeier Cast

  37. Photo of Donald Graham Burt

    Donald Graham Burt Production Design