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  1. Photo of Niels Arden Oplev

    Niels Arden Oplev Director

  2. Photo of Nikolaj Arcel

    Nikolaj Arcel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rasmus Heisterberg

    Rasmus Heisterberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stieg Larsson

    Stieg Larsson Novel

  5. Photo of Michael Nyqvist

    Michael Nyqvist Cast

  6. Photo of Noomi Rapace

    Noomi Rapace Cast

  7. Photo of Lena Endre

    Lena Endre Cast

  8. Photo of Sven-Bertil Taube

    Sven-Bertil Taube Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Haber

    Peter Haber Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Andersson

    Peter Andersson Cast

  11. Photo of Annika Hallin

    Annika Hallin Cast

  12. Photo of Ingvar Hirdwall

    Ingvar Hirdwall Cast

  13. Photo of Marika Lagercrantz

    Marika Lagercrantz Cast

  14. Photo of Björn Granath

    Björn Granath Cast

  15. Photo of Ewa Fröling

    Ewa Fröling Cast

  16. Photo of Michalis Koutsogiannakis

    Michalis Koutsogiannakis Cast

  17. Photo of Gunnel Lindblom

    Gunnel Lindblom Cast

  18. Photo of Tehilla Blad

    Tehilla Blad Cast

  19. Photo of Eric Kress

    Eric Kress Cinematography

  20. Photo of Jacob Groth

    Jacob Groth Music

  21. Photo of Søren Stærmose

    Søren Stærmose Producer

  22. Photo of Anni Faurbye Fernandez

    Anni Faurbye Fernandez Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Lone Korslund

    Lone Korslund Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Peter Nadermann

    Peter Nadermann Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Ole Søndberg

    Ole Søndberg Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Anne Østerud

    Anne Østerud Editing