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  1. Photo of Atif Yilmaz

    Atif Yilmaz Director

  2. Photo of Ali Özgentürk

    Ali Özgentürk Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cengiz Aytmatov

    Cengiz Aytmatov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Türkan Şoray

    Türkan Şoray Cast

  5. Photo of Kadir İnanır

    Kadir İnanır Cast

  6. Photo of Ahmet Mekin

    Ahmet Mekin Cast

  7. Photo of Nurhan Nur

    Nurhan Nur Cast

  8. Photo of Hülya Tuğlu

    Hülya Tuğlu Cast

  9. Photo of Yavuz Türkeri

    Yavuz Türkeri Cinematography

  10. Photo of Ercan Yılmaz

    Ercan Yılmaz Cinematography

  11. Photo of Cahit Berkay

    Cahit Berkay Music

  12. Photo of Arif Keskiner

    Arif Keskiner Producer