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  1. Photo of Jeanine Meerapfel

    Jeanine Meerapfel Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Renée Gundelach

    Renée Gundelach Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jorge Sabate

    Jorge Sabate Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jorge Estrada Mora

    Jorge Estrada Mora Producer

  5. Photo of Christa Vogel

    Christa Vogel Producer

  6. Photo of Klaus Volkenborn

    Klaus Volkenborn Producer

  7. Photo of Osvaldo Bayer

    Osvaldo Bayer Screenplay

  8. Photo of Alcides Chiesa

    Alcides Chiesa Screenplay

  9. Photo of Agnieszka Holland

    Agnieszka Holland Screenplay

  10. Photo of Axel Block

    Axel Block Cinematography

  11. Photo of Liv Ullmann

    Liv Ullmann Cast

  12. Photo of Cipe Lincovsky

    Cipe Lincovsky Cast

  13. Photo of Federico Luppi

    Federico Luppi Cast

  14. Photo of Lito Cruz

    Lito Cruz Cast

  15. Photo of Víctor Laplace

    Víctor Laplace Cast

  16. Photo of Cristina Murta

    Cristina Murta Cast

  17. Photo of Nicolas Frei

    Nicolas Frei Cast

  18. Photo of Harry Bear

    Harry Bear Cast

  19. Photo of Gregor Hansen

    Gregor Hansen Cast

  20. Photo of Chela Cardalda

    Chela Cardalda Cast

  21. Photo of Amancay Espíndola

    Amancay Espíndola Cast

  22. Photo of Gonzalo Arguimbau

    Gonzalo Arguimbau Cast

  23. Photo of Fernán Mirás

    Fernán Mirás Cast

  24. Photo of María Carla Bustos

    María Carla Bustos Cast

  25. Photo of Silvina Pilat

    Silvina Pilat Cast

  26. Photo of Pablo Aquilante

    Pablo Aquilante Cast

  27. Photo of Ana María Ambas

    Ana María Ambas Cast

  28. Photo of Ruth Jasiuk

    Ruth Jasiuk Cast

  29. Photo of Juliane Lorenz

    Juliane Lorenz Editing

  30. Photo of Jorge Marchegiani

    Jorge Marchegiani Production Design

  31. Photo of Rainer Schaper

    Rainer Schaper Production Design

  32. Photo of José Luis Castiñeira de Dios

    José Luis Castiñeira de Dios Music

  33. Photo of Dante Amoroso

    Dante Amoroso Sound

  34. Photo of Jorge Ferrari

    Jorge Ferrari Costume Design