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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Gladiators

    Acerbe et dénonciateur contre toutes les ganaches gradés et planqués, en uniforme et en suffisance, alors que le simple soldat va au casse-pipe assuré...

  2. Stevie's rating of the film The Gladiators

    Perhaps pessimistic in its ending, where the suggestion seems to be that all world systems regardless of their nature will be imperfect and will cause suffering for people. However, the film also shows how love can override the system and cause it to shut down giving hope for a world in which love will flourish over hate. Filmed in Watkins' typical style, this strongly anti-war film remains very relevant today.

  3. Andrew Miller's rating of the film The Gladiators

    Doesn't quite work, but this is a sentimental favorite, a movie I saw quite young on video, forgot about, and then accidentally rediscovered when I learned about Watkins' War Game.

  4. Illusion Travels By Streetcar's rating of the film The Gladiators

    "Can you call this a documentary?" "No."