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  1. Photo of Robert Knights

    Robert Knights Director

  2. Photo of Waris Hussein

    Waris Hussein Director

  3. Photo of Frederic Raphael

    Frederic Raphael Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tom Conti

    Tom Conti Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Kellerman

    Barbara Kellerman Cast

  6. Photo of Leonard Sachs

    Leonard Sachs Cast

  7. Photo of Angela Down

    Angela Down Cast

  8. Photo of Malcolm Stoddard

    Malcolm Stoddard Cast

  9. Photo of Anna Carteret

    Anna Carteret Cast

  10. Photo of Mark Wing-Davey

    Mark Wing-Davey Cast

  11. Photo of Emily Richard

    Emily Richard Cast

  12. Photo of Clive Merrison

    Clive Merrison Cast

  13. Photo of John Gregg

    John Gregg Cast

  14. Photo of Eric Porter

    Eric Porter Cast

  15. Photo of Dinsdale Landen

    Dinsdale Landen Cast

  16. Photo of Nigel Havers

    Nigel Havers Cast

  17. Photo of Tim Pigott-Smith

    Tim Pigott-Smith Cast

  18. Photo of David Robb

    David Robb Cast

  19. Photo of Brian Tufano

    Brian Tufano Cinematography

  20. Photo of John McGlashan

    John McGlashan Cinematography

  21. Photo of Keith Hopper

    Keith Hopper Cinematography

  22. Photo of Tony Pierce-Roberts

    Tony Pierce-Roberts Cinematography

  23. Photo of Spencer Chapman

    Spencer Chapman Production Design

  24. Photo of Sally Hulke

    Sally Hulke Production Design

  25. Photo of Mark Shivas

    Mark Shivas Producer

  26. Photo of Norman Carr

    Norman Carr Editing

  27. Photo of Ken Pearce

    Ken Pearce Editing

  28. Photo of Bill Shapter

    Bill Shapter Editing

  29. Photo of Mike Turner

    Mike Turner Sound

  30. Photo of Dennis Panchen

    Dennis Panchen Sound

  31. Photo of Ian Sansom

    Ian Sansom Sound