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  1. Photo of J. Stuart Blackton

    J. Stuart Blackton Director, Producer, Screenplay, Editing

  2. Photo of Felix Orman

    Felix Orman Screenplay

  3. Photo of William T. Crespinel

    William T. Crespinel Cinematography

  4. Photo of Diana Manners

    Diana Manners Cast

  5. Photo of Gerald Lawrence

    Gerald Lawrence Cast

  6. Photo of Cecil Humphreys

    Cecil Humphreys Cast

  7. Photo of Victor McLaglen

    Victor McLaglen Cast

  8. Photo of Alice Crawford

    Alice Crawford Cast

  9. Photo of Lois Sturt

    Lois Sturt Cast

  10. Photo of William Luff

    William Luff Cast

  11. Photo of Fred Wright

    Fred Wright Cast

  12. Photo of Elizabeth Beerbohm

    Elizabeth Beerbohm Cast

  13. Photo of Flora le Breton

    Flora le Breton Cast

  14. Photo of Lennox Pawle

    Lennox Pawle Cast

  15. Photo of Haidee Wright

    Haidee Wright Cast

  16. Photo of Rudolph De Cordova

    Rudolph De Cordova Cast

  17. Photo of Lawford Davidson

    Lawford Davidson Cast

  18. Photo of Rosalie Heath

    Rosalie Heath Cast

  19. Photo of Gertrude Sterroll

    Gertrude Sterroll Cast

  20. Photo of Tom Heslewood

    Tom Heslewood Cast

  21. Photo of Marjorie Day

    Marjorie Day Cast

  22. Photo of Geoffrey Clinton

    Geoffrey Clinton Cast

  23. Photo of Tom Coventry

    Tom Coventry Cast

  24. Photo of Jeff Barlow

    Jeff Barlow Cast

  25. Photo of John East

    John East Cast

  26. Photo of Violet Virginia Blackton

    Violet Virginia Blackton Cast

  27. Photo of Walter W. Murton

    Walter W. Murton Production Design

  28. Photo of Paula Blackton

    Paula Blackton Costume Design