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  1. Monkey Flix's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    It's clear from the soundtrack that this movie enjoys itself quite a bit. Unfortunately, it isn't as clever or enjoyable as it thinks it is.

  2. Jeff Heinzl's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Like 'The Parrot and the Swan,' this film foregrounds the process of making a film as opposed to a cleaned-up final product. I didn't like this film as much as 'TPatS,' though, probably because it ends up less a quirky character study and more a film taking a comedic but direct--even didactic-- approach to ideas: filmmaking, obviously, but also feminism, politics, and colonialism.

  3. Superfrog's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    A farce, the film, about a farce, the film they are making, sustained by narration from the forgotten central character of the latter and the original character of they film that were supposed to shoot. He's some of the reflection is relevant and see of the scenes well made but overall it leaves a taste of an in joke.

  4. Samuel Wells's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    There is something so clever to these artists. They find a way meld reality and fiction seamlessly into one beautiful piece of art. The meta discussions and manufactured conflicts hit all the right notes. The use of history and storytelling is perfect throughout this film. They find a way to continue previous stories while in a new world completely. The dialogue is also absolutely perfect in film.

  5. mootz15's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    The backstory of the gold is essentially a Borges pastiche but that's a good thing. Funny, quick-paced and "political" without being preachy.

  6. between7skies's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Groundbreaking brilliant cinema

  7. captainfez's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Pretty much as I had imagined filmmaking to be.

  8. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Similar at times to, but ultimately a bit more satisfying than, The Parrot And The Swan, this Alejo Moguillansky film (he co-wrote and co-directed with others) is one of his most easily enjoyable. It mixes in some amusing characters, meta gags, a treasure hunt, comments on national identity, and the highs and lows of getting a small movie made. Fun stuff.

  9. Muriel's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Belabored road comedy on the absurd (yet credible) lengths peripheral cinema will go in search of financing. A film used as front for the hunt for a treasure - or the other way round? Rewriting Stevenson "from the point of view of the pirates", historical characters narrate the madcap journey of a tiny Argentinian crew. Two fantastic soliloquies by actor/playwright R Spregelburd keep the political stakes in focus.

  10. Al Green's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    An interesting narrative tracing a tale through the centuries. Touching on the follies of colonialism and perception of nation. Pretty impressive, considering the obvious low budget. Could do with sharper editing though. I can imagine a U.S remake of this, which would completely miss the mark !

  11. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Kind of an unrelated sequel to "The Parrot and the Swan". Involves a lot of the same cast of characters, but a different tone and style. Succeeds much better in capturing the comedic tone. A bizarre plot where the indie filmmakers use their current film project to cover-up for their treasure hunt for gold. But it works... and by the end, it has actually layered in another message/theme that was totally unexpected.

  12. Sebastián's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Una película excelente con diez minutos finales que decepcionan.

  13. Cristian Necsulescu's rating of the film The Gold Bug

  14. Jean A. Vachon's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Fatiguant! Mong, perte de temps!

  15. Raúl Silva Gómez's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Una historia de intriga bien hecha. Las diversas perspectivas de los distintos grupos dentro del relato son concretas y funcionan bien a nivel trama. Sin embargo, en lo absolutamente personal, la plática feminista se me hizo tediosa. Me recordó las clases de semiótica sobre el orden falogocéntrico. Pasa el examen Bechdel definitivamente.

  16. Zepo's rating of the film The Gold Bug

    Con el argumento del tesoro (basado en la obra de Edgardo) la película se va desenvolviendo en un estado de ficción absurda y enfrenta la visión de dos mundos. Unos europeos demasiado incrédulos y unos sudamericanos bastante tropicalizados.