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  1. Photo of Don Leaver

    Don Leaver Director

  2. Photo of Bill Bain

    Bill Bain Director

  3. Photo of Lionel Harris

    Lionel Harris Director

  4. Photo of Cyril Coke

    Cyril Coke Director

  5. Photo of Peter Sasdy

    Peter Sasdy Director

  6. Photo of Alan Clarke

    Alan Clarke Director

  7. Photo of John Hawkesworth

    John Hawkesworth Screenplay and Producer

  8. Photo of Donald Jackson

    Donald Jackson Screenplay

  9. Photo of Glyn Jones

    Glyn Jones Screenplay

  10. Photo of David Whittaker

    David Whittaker Screenplay

  11. Photo of Scott Forbes

    Scott Forbes Screenplay

  12. Photo of Allan Prior

    Allan Prior Screenplay

  13. Photo of David Weir

    David Weir Screenplay

  14. Photo of Jeremy Paul

    Jeremy Paul Screenplay

  15. Photo of George Lansbury

    George Lansbury Screenplay

  16. Photo of Berkely Mather

    Berkely Mather Screenplay

  17. Photo of Leslie Sands

    Leslie Sands Screenplay

  18. Photo of Peter Vaughan

    Peter Vaughan Cast

  19. Photo of Artro Morris

    Artro Morris Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Wynne

    Michael Wynne Cast

  21. Photo of Max Harris

    Max Harris Music

  22. Photo of Frank Nerini

    Frank Nerini Production Design

  23. Photo of Roger Hall

    Roger Hall Production Design

  24. Photo of Andrew Drummond

    Andrew Drummond Production Design

  25. Photo of John Emery

    John Emery Production Design

  26. Photo of Colin Piggot

    Colin Piggot Production Design

  27. Photo of John Clements

    John Clements Production Design