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  1. Photo of Hajime Sato

    Hajime Sato Director

  2. Photo of Susumu Takaku

    Susumu Takaku Screenplay

  3. Photo of Takeo Nagamatsu

    Takeo Nagamatsu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shin'ichi Chiba

    Shin'ichi Chiba Cast

  5. Photo of Osamu Kobayashi

    Osamu Kobayashi Cast

  6. Photo of Wataru Yamagawa

    Wataru Yamagawa Cast

  7. Photo of Chako van Leeuwen

    Chako van Leeuwen Cast

  8. Photo of Emily Takami

    Emily Takami Cast

  9. Photo of Andrew Hughes

    Andrew Hughes Cast

  10. Photo of Hirohisa Nakata

    Hirohisa Nakata Cast

  11. Photo of Kôsaku Okano

    Kôsaku Okano Cast

  12. Photo of Kôji Sekiyama

    Kôji Sekiyama Cast

  13. Photo of Yoichi Numata

    Yoichi Numata Cast

  14. Photo of Keiichi Kitagawa

    Keiichi Kitagawa Cast

  15. Photo of Keiko Kuni

    Keiko Kuni Cast

  16. Photo of Yukio Aoshima

    Yukio Aoshima Cast

  17. Photo of Yoshikazu Yamasawa

    Yoshikazu Yamasawa Cinematography

  18. Photo of Shunsuke Kikuchi

    Shunsuke Kikuchi Music