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  1. Photo of Veit Harlan

    Veit Harlan Director, Screenplay Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Richard Billinger

    Richard Billinger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfred Braun

    Alfred Braun Screenplay

  4. Photo of Werner Eplinius

    Werner Eplinius Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kristina Söderbaum

    Kristina Söderbaum Cast

  6. Photo of Eugen Klöpfer

    Eugen Klöpfer Cast

  7. Photo of Annie Rosar

    Annie Rosar Cast

  8. Photo of Dagny Servaes

    Dagny Servaes Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Klinger

    Paul Klinger Cast

  10. Photo of Emmerich Hanus

    Emmerich Hanus Cast

  11. Photo of Kurt Meisel

    Kurt Meisel Cast

  12. Photo of Rudolf Prack

    Rudolf Prack Cast

  13. Photo of Liselotte Schreiner

    Liselotte Schreiner Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Hermann

    Hans Hermann Cast

  15. Photo of Frida Richard

    Frida Richard Cast

  16. Photo of Inge Drexel

    Inge Drexel Cast

  17. Photo of Ernst Legal

    Ernst Legal Cast

  18. Photo of Valy Arnheim

    Valy Arnheim Cast

  19. Photo of Max Rosenhauer

    Max Rosenhauer Cast

  20. Photo of Else Ehser

    Else Ehser Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Forsch

    Robert Forsch Cast

  22. Photo of Walter Lieck

    Walter Lieck Cast

  23. Photo of Hugo Flink

    Hugo Flink Cast

  24. Photo of William Huch

    William Huch Cast

  25. Photo of Maria Loja

    Maria Loja Cast

  26. Photo of Hans Sternberg

    Hans Sternberg Cast

  27. Photo of Bruno Mondi

    Bruno Mondi Cinematography

  28. Photo of Hans-Otto Borgmann

    Hans-Otto Borgmann Music

  29. Photo of Karl Machus

    Karl Machus Production Design

  30. Photo of Erich Zander

    Erich Zander Production Design

  31. Photo of Friedrich Karl von Puttkamer

    Friedrich Karl von Puttkamer Editing

  32. Photo of Gustav Bellers

    Gustav Bellers Sound

  33. Photo of Bruno Suckau

    Bruno Suckau Sound