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  1. Photo of A.W. Sandberg

    A.W. Sandberg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Poul Knudsen

    Poul Knudsen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christen Jørgensen

    Christen Jørgensen Cinematography

  4. Photo of Gösta Ekman

    Gösta Ekman Cast

  5. Photo of Karina Bell

    Karina Bell Cast

  6. Photo of Maurice de Féraudy

    Maurice de Féraudy Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Schmidt

    Robert Schmidt Cast

  8. Photo of Kate Fabian

    Kate Fabian Cast

  9. Photo of Karen Caspersen

    Karen Caspersen Cast

  10. Photo of Mathilde Nielsen

    Mathilde Nielsen Cast

  11. Photo of Jacoba Jessen

    Jacoba Jessen Cast

  12. Photo of Holger Pedersen

    Holger Pedersen Cast

  13. Photo of Eric Bertner

    Eric Bertner Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Nielsen

    Peter Nielsen Cast

  15. Photo of Henry Seemann

    Henry Seemann Cast

  16. Photo of Philip Bech

    Philip Bech Cast

  17. Photo of Edmonde Guy

    Edmonde Guy Cast

  18. Photo of Ernst Van Duren

    Ernst Van Duren Cast

  19. Photo of Sigurd Langberg

    Sigurd Langberg Cast

  20. Photo of Torben Meyer

    Torben Meyer Cast

  21. Photo of Carlo Jacobsen

    Carlo Jacobsen Production Design

  22. Photo of Poul Kanneworff

    Poul Kanneworff Production Design

  23. Photo of Walter Schrøder

    Walter Schrøder Music