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  1. Photo of Jirí Weiss

    Jirí Weiss Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vít Olmer

    Vít Olmer Cast

  3. Photo of Daniela Smutná

    Daniela Smutná Cast

  4. Photo of Karla Chadimová

    Karla Chadimová Cast

  5. Photo of Radoslav Brzobohatý

    Radoslav Brzobohatý Cast

  6. Photo of Zdeněk Braunschläger

    Zdeněk Braunschläger Cast

  7. Photo of Josef Bek

    Josef Bek Cast

  8. Photo of Bohumil Švarc

    Bohumil Švarc Cast

  9. Photo of Frantisek Smolík

    Frantisek Smolík Cast

  10. Photo of Bedrich Batka

    Bedrich Batka Cinematography

  11. Photo of Jirí Srnka

    Jirí Srnka Music

  12. Photo of Karel Skvor

    Karel Skvor Production Design

  13. Photo of Antonín Zelenka

    Antonín Zelenka Editing

  14. Photo of Vilma Binterová

    Vilma Binterová Editing

  15. Photo of Emil Poledník

    Emil Poledník Sound