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  1. Photo of Fatih Akın

    Fatih Akın Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Heinz Strunk

    Heinz Strunk Novel

  3. Photo of Jonas Dassler

    Jonas Dassler Cast

  4. Photo of Margarete Tiesel

    Margarete Tiesel Cast

  5. Photo of Katja Studt

    Katja Studt Cast

  6. Photo of Martina Eitner-Acheampong

    Martina Eitner-Acheampong Cast

  7. Photo of Hark Bohm

    Hark Bohm Cast

  8. Photo of Jessica Kosmalla

    Jessica Kosmalla Cast

  9. Photo of Barbara Krabbe

    Barbara Krabbe Cast

  10. Photo of Tilla Kratochwil

    Tilla Kratochwil Cast

  11. Photo of Uwe Rohde

    Uwe Rohde Cast

  12. Photo of Marc Hosemann

    Marc Hosemann Cast

  13. Photo of Philipp Baltus

    Philipp Baltus Cast

  14. Photo of Greta Sophie Schmidt

    Greta Sophie Schmidt Cast

  15. Photo of Herma Koehn

    Herma Koehn Cast

  16. Photo of Tristan Göbel

    Tristan Göbel Cast

  17. Photo of Victoria Trauttmansdorff

    Victoria Trauttmansdorff Cast

  18. Photo of Adam Bousdoukos

    Adam Bousdoukos Cast

  19. Photo of Rainer Klausmann

    Rainer Klausmann Cinematography

  20. Photo of FM Einheit

    FM Einheit Music

  21. Photo of Pia Hoffmann

    Pia Hoffmann Music

  22. Photo of Tamo Kunz

    Tamo Kunz Production Design

  23. Photo of Nurhan Sekerci

    Nurhan Sekerci Producer

  24. Photo of Herman Weigel

    Herman Weigel Producer

  25. Photo of Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird Editing

  26. Photo of Franziska Schmidt-Kärner

    Franziska Schmidt-Kärner Editing

  27. Photo of Jörn Martens

    Jörn Martens Sound

  28. Photo of Richard Borowski

    Richard Borowski Sound

  29. Photo of Christoph Oertel

    Christoph Oertel Sound

  30. Photo of Carsten Richter

    Carsten Richter Sound

  31. Photo of Felix Roggel

    Felix Roggel Sound

  32. Photo of Matthias Schmidt

    Matthias Schmidt Sound

  33. Photo of Katrin Aschendorf

    Katrin Aschendorf Costume Design

  34. Photo of Denis Behnke

    Denis Behnke Visual Effects