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  1. Photo of Victor Saville

    Victor Saville Director

  2. Photo of Ian Dalrymple

    Ian Dalrymple Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edward Knoblock

    Edward Knoblock Screenplay

  4. Photo of W.P. Lipscomb

    W.P. Lipscomb Screenplay

  5. Photo of Angus MacPhail

    Angus MacPhail Screenplay

  6. Photo of J.B. Priestley

    J.B. Priestley Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jessie Matthews

    Jessie Matthews Cast

  8. Photo of Edmund Gwenn

    Edmund Gwenn Cast

  9. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  10. Photo of Mary Glynne

    Mary Glynne Cast

  11. Photo of Elizabeth Trant

    Elizabeth Trant Cast

  12. Photo of Percy Parsons

    Percy Parsons Cast

  13. Photo of A.W. Baskcomb

    A.W. Baskcomb Cast

  14. Photo of Florence Gregson

    Florence Gregson Cast

  15. Photo of Frank Pettingell

    Frank Pettingell Cast

  16. Photo of Laurence Hanray

    Laurence Hanray Cast

  17. Photo of Annie Esmond

    Annie Esmond Cast

  18. Photo of George Zucco

    George Zucco Cast

  19. Photo of Harold Meade

    Harold Meade Cast

  20. Photo of J. Fisher White

    J. Fisher White Cast

  21. Photo of Muriel Aked

    Muriel Aked Cast

  22. Photo of Arnold Riches

    Arnold Riches Cast

  23. Photo of Mignon O'Doherty

    Mignon O'Doherty Cast

  24. Photo of Daphne Scorer

    Daphne Scorer Cast

  25. Photo of Harry Crocker

    Harry Crocker Cast

  26. Photo of Margaret Yarde

    Margaret Yarde Cast

  27. Photo of Gilbert Davis

    Gilbert Davis Cast

  28. Photo of John Clifford

    John Clifford Cast

  29. Photo of George Manship

    George Manship Cast

  30. Photo of J.B. Spendlove

    J.B. Spendlove Cast

  31. Photo of Hugh E. Wright

    Hugh E. Wright Cast

  32. Photo of Polly Emery

    Polly Emery Cast

  33. Photo of Tom Shale

    Tom Shale Cast

  34. Photo of Dennis Hoey

    Dennis Hoey Cast

  35. Photo of Viola Compton

    Viola Compton Cast

  36. Photo of Richard Dolman

    Richard Dolman Cast

  37. Photo of Margery Binner

    Margery Binner Cast

  38. Photo of D.A. Clarke-Smith

    D.A. Clarke-Smith Cast

  39. Photo of Alex Frazer

    Alex Frazer Cast

  40. Photo of Finlay Currie

    Finlay Currie Cast

  41. Photo of Jack Hawkins

    Jack Hawkins Cast

  42. Photo of Cyril Smith

    Cyril Smith Cast

  43. Photo of Frederick Piper

    Frederick Piper Cast

  44. Photo of Jane Cornell

    Jane Cornell Cast

  45. Photo of Ben Field

    Ben Field Cast

  46. Photo of John Burch

    John Burch Cast

  47. Photo of Ivor Barnard

    Ivor Barnard Cast

  48. Photo of Max Miller

    Max Miller Cast

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