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  1. Photo of Lewis Gilbert

    Lewis Gilbert Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vernon Harris

    Vernon Harris Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Macaulay

    Richard Macaulay Screenplay

  4. Photo of Laurence Harvey

    Laurence Harvey Cast

  5. Photo of Gloria Grahame

    Gloria Grahame Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Basehart

    Richard Basehart Cast

  7. Photo of Joan Collins

    Joan Collins Cast

  8. Photo of John Ireland

    John Ireland Cast

  9. Photo of René Ray

    René Ray Cast

  10. Photo of Stanley Baker

    Stanley Baker Cast

  11. Photo of Margaret Leighton

    Margaret Leighton Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Morley

    Robert Morley Cast

  13. Photo of Freda Jackson

    Freda Jackson Cast

  14. Photo of James Kenney

    James Kenney Cast

  15. Photo of Susan Shaw

    Susan Shaw Cast

  16. Photo of Lee Patterson

    Lee Patterson Cast

  17. Photo of Sandra Dorne

    Sandra Dorne Cast

  18. Photo of Leslie Dwyer

    Leslie Dwyer Cast

  19. Photo of Patricia McCarron

    Patricia McCarron Cast

  20. Photo of George Rose

    George Rose Cast

  21. Photo of Walter Hudd

    Walter Hudd Cast

  22. Photo of Jack Asher

    Jack Asher Cinematography

  23. Photo of Georges Auric

    Georges Auric Music

  24. Photo of Bernard Robinson

    Bernard Robinson Production Design

  25. Photo of John Woolf

    John Woolf Producer

  26. Photo of Jack Clayton

    Jack Clayton Producer

  27. Photo of Ralph Kemplen

    Ralph Kemplen Editing