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  1. Photo of Ivan Cardoso

    Ivan Cardoso Director

  2. Photo of Daniel Mas

    Daniel Mas Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Herbert

    John Herbert Director

  4. Photo of Carla Camurati

    Carla Camurati Cast

  5. Photo of Paulo César Grande

    Paulo César Grande Cast

  6. Photo of Carina Cooper

    Carina Cooper Cast

  7. Photo of Pedro Cardoso

    Pedro Cardoso Cast

  8. Photo of Alexandre Frota

    Alexandre Frota Cast

  9. Photo of André Felipe

    André Felipe Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Gladys

    Maria Gladys Cast

  11. Photo of Zezé Macedo

    Zezé Macedo Cast

  12. Photo of Andrea Beltrão

    Andrea Beltrão Cast

  13. Photo of Marcos Frota

    Marcos Frota Cast

  14. Photo of Kátia Lopes

    Kátia Lopes Cast

  15. Photo of Vanessa Alves

    Vanessa Alves Cast

  16. Photo of Antônio Petrin

    Antônio Petrin Cast

  17. Photo of Maria Luiza Castelli

    Maria Luiza Castelli Cast

  18. Photo of Lídia Bizzochi

    Lídia Bizzochi Cast

  19. Photo of Taumaturgo Ferreira

    Taumaturgo Ferreira Cast

  20. Photo of Miguel Paiva

    Miguel Paiva Screenplay

  21. Photo of Anibal Massaini Neto

    Anibal Massaini Neto Producer

  22. Photo of Carlos Reichenbach

    Carlos Reichenbach Cinematography

  23. Photo of Carlos Egberto Silveira

    Carlos Egberto Silveira Cinematography

  24. Photo of Luiz Elias

    Luiz Elias Editing

  25. Photo of Eder Mazzini

    Eder Mazzini Editing

  26. Photo of Marineida Massaini

    Marineida Massaini Production Design

  27. Photo of Oscar Ramos

    Oscar Ramos Production Design