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  1. Photo of David MacKane

    David MacKane Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ernst Gartside

    Ernst Gartside Producer

  3. Photo of Robert McLeish

    Robert McLeish Screenplay

  4. Photo of Helen Wiggins

    Helen Wiggins Editing

  5. Photo of Stanley Clinton

    Stanley Clinton Cinematography

  6. Photo of George Haslam

    George Haslam Production Design

  7. Photo of John Bath

    John Bath Music

  8. Photo of Howard Connell

    Howard Connell Cast

  9. Photo of Marjorie Thomson

    Marjorie Thomson Cast

  10. Photo of Betty Henderson

    Betty Henderson Cast

  11. Photo of Sybil Thomson

    Sybil Thomson Cast

  12. Photo of Eveline Garratt

    Eveline Garratt Cast

  13. Photo of Jack Stewart

    Jack Stewart Cast

  14. Photo of Isobel Campbell

    Isobel Campbell Cast

  15. Photo of Russell Hunter

    Russell Hunter Cast

  16. Photo of Roddy McMillan

    Roddy McMillan Cast

  17. Photo of Lothar Lewinsohn

    Lothar Lewinsohn Cast

  18. Photo of Carl Williamson

    Carl Williamson Cast

  19. Photo of Reg Allan

    Reg Allan Cast

  20. Photo of Alrae Edwards

    Alrae Edwards Cast

  21. Photo of Berta Cooper

    Berta Cooper Cast

  22. Photo of Ian Dalgliesh

    Ian Dalgliesh Cast

  23. Photo of Ivor Kissen

    Ivor Kissen Cast

  24. Photo of Archie Duncan

    Archie Duncan Cast

  25. Photo of Andrew Keir

    Andrew Keir Cast