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  1. Photo of Phil Comeau

    Phil Comeau Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paul-Eugène LeBlanc

    Paul-Eugène LeBlanc Producer

  3. Photo of Laval Fortier

    Laval Fortier Cinematography

  4. Photo of Ambroise Comeau

    Ambroise Comeau Cast

  5. Photo of Anne-Marie Comeau

    Anne-Marie Comeau Cast

  6. Photo of Glen Comeau

    Glen Comeau Cast

  7. Photo of Marie-Marthe Dugas

    Marie-Marthe Dugas Cast

  8. Photo of Noëlla LeBlanc

    Noëlla LeBlanc Cast

  9. Photo of Marie Robichaud

    Marie Robichaud Cast

  10. Photo of François Thibault

    François Thibault Cast

  11. Photo of Julien Weaver

    Julien Weaver Cast

  12. Photo of Ambrose Comeau

    Ambrose Comeau Cast

  13. Photo of Adele Comeau

    Adele Comeau Cast

  14. Photo of Lucie Gaudet

    Lucie Gaudet Cast

  15. Photo of Presille Comeau

    Presille Comeau Cast

  16. Photo of Gerard D'Entremont

    Gerard D'Entremont Cast

  17. Photo of Janice LeBlanc

    Janice LeBlanc Cast

  18. Photo of Anna Blinn

    Anna Blinn Cast

  19. Photo of Bernie Gaudet

    Bernie Gaudet Cast

  20. Photo of Eveline Belliveau

    Eveline Belliveau Cast

  21. Photo of Yves Leduc

    Yves Leduc Editing

  22. Photo of Jean-Louis Beliveau

    Jean-Louis Beliveau Music

  23. Photo of Richard Deveau

    Richard Deveau Music

  24. Photo of Norman LeBlanc

    Norman LeBlanc Music

  25. Photo of Vernon Robichaud

    Vernon Robichaud Music