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  1. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film The Graduation

  2. fearraigh's rating of the film The Graduation

    It's a little disappointing after Simon's fantastic Le Bois dont les rêves sont faits and it takes its time getting going. However, it is ultimately a surprisingly interesting look at the selection process for La Fémis, even if one of the most striking things I gathered was the lack of diversity among the applicants, something that surely wouldn't be lost on the school's president Raoul Peck.

  3. Elisabeth Brun's rating of the film The Graduation

    Wow. So powerful, so impressing to keep me on my toes with only talk! It really is a revealing and critical document on the film education system.

  4. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film The Graduation

    For me, it was interesting to watch the discussions between members of various juries.

  5. Michael's rating of the film The Graduation

    Wow a truly great documentary. What a wonderful film school to nourish ambition and individuality in the way this school system works. Being a film school graduate myself I found it exhilarating that a film school exists where film professionals from all aspects of life debate a students worthiness. I also found it fascinating watching the sexual and class politics unfold especially with complex students. Fantastic!

  6. lou.'s rating of the film The Graduation

    Tout à fait fascinant. Je suis restée collée à l'écran deux heures [mais je continue plus tard, car mnt il y a Tarantino on va revoir un dvd de Tarantino tchao]

  7. Riddle, van, stellar's rating of the film The Graduation

    there are complexities within its own observational structure. mainly from the flaming debates between the contestants and the jurors. Simon thus gives us an insight into the dubious, partisan, yet difficult qualification system. without imposing positions, the docu poses enough openness and it is as beautiful and prestigious as the name of the school, La Femis.

  8. Vi Pin's rating of the film The Graduation

    Pointless waste of time...

  9. ssolf's rating of the film The Graduation

    Fascinating, gripping, beautifully crafted.

  10. Dimitris's rating of the film The Graduation

    Le Concours is a Rorschach test.Does it reveal the elitism of education,the subjective nature of art or hope for a new generation of filmmakers?There is no right answer of course-nor should there be- but this chameleonic nature of Simon's observational images makes them formless & unfocused.By being a little bit about everything,they end up being about La Fémis and only La Fémis,when they could have been so much more

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Graduation

    A documentary about the process that potential students go through to get into la Femis, the famous film school in Paris, this is intermittently interesting, but suffers from offering up a selection of main characters that viewers don't necessarily feel invested in.

  12. captainfez's rating of the film The Graduation

    Getting Into Film School Sucks Balls: the unsurprising documentary.

  13. janh24's rating of the film The Graduation

    The film is oddly amorphous at times, but there is a real sense of place and character that grips until the very end.

  14. Superfrog's rating of the film The Graduation

    "je l'ai entendu se mastuber devant ses rush avec les notes cinematorgraphiaues de Robert Bresson a la main" Amazing documentary, that completely hits the mark in a unashamedly self referential way. The bit about ~"having 7 boy and 8 girls, one black, one asian and on arab, from all over france. And to please our colleagues, poor people as well." is one of the harshest social comment in a film I have heard.

  15. mootz15's rating of the film The Graduation

    an uncommentated docu about admission to a posh film school in France that says far more about the biases and prejudices of white French middle-class liberals than it does about filmmaking - and that's why it's so interesting. The evaluators shown here are probably not bad at their job, all things considered, but they are almost to a (wo)man humourless, hateful prigs. Applicants seemed mostly confused but earnest.

  16. riraru's rating of the film The Graduation

    Sehr interessant, auf welche Art hier Studenten ausgewählt werden, – daß es nicht die Professoren sind, sondern Cineasten aller Sparten, die sich oft derart aufreiben, daß es eine Wonne ist, dabei zuzuschauen.

  17. ninchok's rating of the film The Graduation

    Been a year of fruitless searching for this film everywhere on the net. Glad to have found it here, the waiting was worth it.

  18. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Graduation

    Le Concours exposes the ideologies inherent to the evaluation and assessment process of a prestigious school, the inconsistencies of "meritocracy", the logic of privilege and exclusivity, self branding and the performance of authenticity. Like Wiseman (At Berkeley), Simon does not take an overt, didactic stance. And that makes Le Concours remarkable both as an artwork and as an ethnographic record.

  19. dmol's rating of the film The Graduation

    I found the conversations and opinions very interesting, and if I could take part in them it would be a different story... The doc itself was very boring. I feel like the director gave me nothing - apart from a feeling of entrapment and exclusion. If she meant to make us feel like these kids do, she rather made me feel like we should put a privileged few on a pedestal, and just watch them while they guide us.

  20. Bilouaustria's rating of the film The Graduation

    And some dared to compare this to Wiseman ? Welcome to Nothingness, where about everything here will remind you of a bad TV show like "The Voice". And above all, forgetting the fact that the editing is quite mediocre, the big question remains : what is the point ? What is Claire Simon trying to do or to show ? Is it just terrible advertising for the Femis ? Does she have herself any idea ? I felt sad watching this.

  21. reiter's rating of the film The Graduation

  22. RodrigoPereira's rating of the film The Graduation

    consistently interesting throughout

  23. Matt Richards's rating of the film The Graduation

    Le Concours is an engaging watch for a filmmaker but it's hard to imagine that it would be all that interesting for anyone not interested in cinema. It's purely observational save for a scene right near the end and there is not really a chance to get to know any characters in depth. We do get a glimpse into the political demands of the modern education system in France but this could have dug deeper. 3 stars

  24. natsume's rating of the film The Graduation

    films on institutions that lay low as obscure gems vs public referent objects for all to see?

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