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  1. Photo of Roberto Santos

    Roberto Santos Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Gianfrancesco Guarnieri

    Gianfrancesco Guarnieri Cast

  3. Photo of Myriam Pérsia

    Myriam Pérsia Cast

  4. Photo of Vera Gertel

    Vera Gertel Cast

  5. Photo of Jaime Barcellos

    Jaime Barcellos Cast

  6. Photo of Turíbio Ruiz

    Turíbio Ruiz Cast

  7. Photo of Norah Fontes

    Norah Fontes Cast

  8. Photo of Angelito Mello

    Angelito Mello Cast

  9. Photo of Joselita Alvarenga

    Joselita Alvarenga Cast

  10. Photo of Gilberto Wagner

    Gilberto Wagner Cast

  11. Photo of Lima Duarte

    Lima Duarte Cast

  12. Photo of Geraldo Ferraz

    Geraldo Ferraz Cast

  13. Photo of Cavagnole Neto

    Cavagnole Neto Cast

  14. Photo of Milton Gonçalves

    Milton Gonçalves Cast

  15. Photo of Hervê Leblon

    Hervê Leblon Cast

  16. Photo of Sergio Rosa

    Sergio Rosa Cast

  17. Photo of Samuel Dos Santos

    Samuel Dos Santos Cast

  18. Photo of Suzy Arruda

    Suzy Arruda Cast

  19. Photo of Carmem Silva

    Carmem Silva Cast

  20. Photo of Raimundo Duprat

    Raimundo Duprat Cast

  21. Photo of Arlindo Pinto

    Arlindo Pinto Cast

  22. Photo of Dalva Dias

    Dalva Dias Cast

  23. Photo of Ana Mello

    Ana Mello Cast

  24. Photo of Henrique Cesar

    Henrique Cesar Cast

  25. Photo of Flávio Migliaccio

    Flávio Migliaccio Cast

  26. Photo of Gaetano Mazza

    Gaetano Mazza Cast

  27. Photo of Roberto Alrean

    Roberto Alrean Cast

  28. Photo of Sônia Greiss

    Sônia Greiss Cast

  29. Photo of Paulo Correa

    Paulo Correa Cast

  30. Photo of Esdras Vassalo

    Esdras Vassalo Cast

  31. Photo of Nelson Turini

    Nelson Turini Cast

  32. Photo of Cecília Thompson

    Cecília Thompson Cast

  33. Photo of Paulo A. Lazzarin

    Paulo A. Lazzarin Cast

  34. Photo of Nadir Martins

    Nadir Martins Cast

  35. Photo of Wilson Rocha

    Wilson Rocha Cast

  36. Photo of Milton Goulart

    Milton Goulart Cast

  37. Photo of Harry Dukat

    Harry Dukat Cast

  38. Photo of Júlio Ramler

    Júlio Ramler Cast

  39. Photo of Luiz Antônio

    Luiz Antônio Cast

  40. Photo of Francisco Fabrizi

    Francisco Fabrizi Cast

  41. Photo of Luiz Francunha

    Luiz Francunha Cast

  42. Photo of Paulo Geraldo

    Paulo Geraldo Cast

  43. Photo of Paulo Goulart

    Paulo Goulart Cast

  44. Photo of Hélio Paiva

    Hélio Paiva Cast

  45. Photo of Hélio Silva

    Hélio Silva Cinematography

  46. Photo of Alexandre Gnatalli

    Alexandre Gnatalli Music

  47. Photo of Zé Keti

    Zé Keti Music

  48. Photo of Norberto Nath

    Norberto Nath Production Design and Screenplay

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