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  1. Photo of Mikael Marcimain

    Mikael Marcimain Director

  2. Photo of Cilla Börjlind

    Cilla Börjlind Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rolf Börjlind

    Rolf Börjlind Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kjell Bergqvist

    Kjell Bergqvist Cast

  5. Photo of Cecilia Nilsson

    Cecilia Nilsson Cast

  6. Photo of Göran Ragnerstam

    Göran Ragnerstam Cast

  7. Photo of Annika Hallin

    Annika Hallin Cast

  8. Photo of Jens Hultén

    Jens Hultén Cast

  9. Photo of Anna Pettersson

    Anna Pettersson Cast

  10. Photo of Per Burell

    Per Burell Cast

  11. Photo of Lena B. Eriksson

    Lena B. Eriksson Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Engman

    Peter Engman Cast

  13. Photo of Henrik Lundström

    Henrik Lundström Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Andersson

    Peter Andersson Cast