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  1. Photo of Elliott Nugent

    Elliott Nugent Director

  2. Photo of Cyril Hume

    Cyril Hume Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Maibaum

    Richard Maibaum Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of F. Scott Fitzgerald

    F. Scott Fitzgerald Novel

  5. Photo of Alan Ladd

    Alan Ladd Cast

  6. Photo of Betty Field

    Betty Field Cast

  7. Photo of Macdonald Carey

    Macdonald Carey Cast

  8. Photo of Ruth Hussey

    Ruth Hussey Cast

  9. Photo of Barry Sullivan

    Barry Sullivan Cast

  10. Photo of Howard Da Silva

    Howard Da Silva Cast

  11. Photo of Shelley Winters

    Shelley Winters Cast

  12. Photo of Henry Hull

    Henry Hull Cast

  13. Photo of Ed Begley

    Ed Begley Cast

  14. Photo of Elisha Cook Jr.

    Elisha Cook Jr. Cast

  15. Photo of Nicholas Joy

    Nicholas Joy Cast

  16. Photo of Walter Greaza

    Walter Greaza Cast

  17. Photo of Tito Vuolo

    Tito Vuolo Cast

  18. Photo of Ray Walker

    Ray Walker Cast

  19. Photo of Diane Nance

    Diane Nance Cast

  20. Photo of Jack Lambert

    Jack Lambert Cast

  21. Photo of Jack Gargan

    Jack Gargan Cast

  22. Photo of Lynne Romer

    Lynne Romer Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Romer

    Jean Romer Cast

  24. Photo of John F. Seitz

    John F. Seitz Cinematography

  25. Photo of Otto Pierce

    Otto Pierce Cinematography

  26. Photo of Robert Emmett Dolan

    Robert Emmett Dolan Music

  27. Photo of Billy Rose

    Billy Rose Music

  28. Photo of Dave Dreyer

    Dave Dreyer Music

  29. Photo of Al Jolson

    Al Jolson Music

  30. Photo of Roland Anderson

    Roland Anderson Production Design

  31. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  32. Photo of Ellsworth Hoagland

    Ellsworth Hoagland Editing

  33. Photo of Hugo Grenzbach

    Hugo Grenzbach Sound

  34. Photo of Walter Oberst

    Walter Oberst Sound

  35. Photo of Gordon Rayburn

    Gordon Rayburn Sound

  36. Photo of Edith Head

    Edith Head Costume Design