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  1. Photo of Zézé Gamboa

    Zézé Gamboa Director

  2. Photo of Luis Carlos Patraquim

    Luis Carlos Patraquim Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lázaro Ramos

    Lázaro Ramos Cast

  4. Photo of Pedro Hossi

    Pedro Hossi Cast

  5. Photo of João Lagarto

    João Lagarto Cast

  6. Photo of Hermila Guedes

    Hermila Guedes Cast

  7. Photo of Buda Lira

    Buda Lira Cast

  8. Photo of Patricia Bull

    Patricia Bull Cast

  9. Photo of Pedro Carraca

    Pedro Carraca Cast

  10. Photo of Adriana Rebello

    Adriana Rebello Cast

  11. Photo of Silvia Rizzo

    Silvia Rizzo Cast

  12. Photo of São José Correia

    São José Correia Cast

  13. Photo of Antonio Pitanga

    Antonio Pitanga Cast

  14. Photo of Maria Ceiça

    Maria Ceiça Cast

  15. Photo of Alberto Magassela

    Alberto Magassela Cast

  16. Photo of Carlos Paca

    Carlos Paca Cast

  17. Photo of Miguel Telmo

    Miguel Telmo Cast

  18. Photo of Filipe Crawford

    Filipe Crawford Cast

  19. Photo of Manuel Wiborg

    Manuel Wiborg Cast

  20. Photo of José Boavida

    José Boavida Cast

  21. Photo of Marcello Urgeghe

    Marcello Urgeghe Cast

  22. Photo of Jorge Silva

    Jorge Silva Cast

  23. Photo of Carlos Sebastião

    Carlos Sebastião Cast

  24. Photo of Mario Masini

    Mario Masini Cinematography

  25. Photo of David Linx

    David Linx Music

  26. Photo of Diederik Wissels

    Diederik Wissels Music

  27. Photo of João Torres

    João Torres Production Design

  28. Photo of Fernando Vendrell

    Fernando Vendrell Producer

  29. Photo of Luís Alvarães

    Luís Alvarães Executive Producer and Screenplay

  30. Photo of Pascal Latil

    Pascal Latil Editing