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  1. Photo of Otto Preminger

    Otto Preminger Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Siegfried Bernfeld

    Siegfried Bernfeld Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hansi Niese

    Hansi Niese Cast

  4. Photo of Attila Hörbiger

    Attila Hörbiger Cast

  5. Photo of Betty Bird

    Betty Bird Cast

  6. Photo of Hugo Thimig

    Hugo Thimig Cast

  7. Photo of Ferdinand Mayerhofer

    Ferdinand Mayerhofer Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Waldner

    Maria Waldner Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Olden

    Hans Olden Cast

  10. Photo of Adrienne Gessner

    Adrienne Gessner Cast

  11. Photo of Franz Engel

    Franz Engel Cast

  12. Photo of Georg Dénes

    Georg Dénes Cast

  13. Photo of Carl Goetz

    Carl Goetz Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Berliner

    Martin Berliner Cast

  15. Photo of Julius Brandt

    Julius Brandt Cast

  16. Photo of Vilma Degischer

    Vilma Degischer Cast

  17. Photo of Karl Ehmann

    Karl Ehmann Cast

  18. Photo of Frau Einäugler

    Frau Einäugler Cast

  19. Photo of Richard Eybner

    Richard Eybner Cast

  20. Photo of Edmund Fritz

    Edmund Fritz Cast

  21. Photo of Emmy Förster

    Emmy Förster Cast

  22. Photo of Else Föry-Ostheber

    Else Föry-Ostheber Cast

  23. Photo of Melanie Horeschowsky

    Melanie Horeschowsky Cast

  24. Photo of Karl Kneidinger

    Karl Kneidinger Cast

  25. Photo of Frau Mahler

    Frau Mahler Cast

  26. Photo of Fräulein Prach

    Fräulein Prach Cast

  27. Photo of Irene Seidner

    Irene Seidner Cast

  28. Photo of Fritz Strassny

    Fritz Strassny Cast

  29. Photo of Gisa Wurm

    Gisa Wurm Cast

  30. Photo of Hans Theyer

    Hans Theyer Cinematography

  31. Photo of Walter Landauer

    Walter Landauer Music

  32. Photo of Artur Berger

    Artur Berger Production Design and Screenplay

  33. Photo of Emmerich Taussig

    Emmerich Taussig Producer

  34. Photo of Paul Falkenberg

    Paul Falkenberg Editing