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  1. Photo of Hans Flemming

    Hans Flemming Screenplay

  2. Photo of Peter Groll

    Peter Groll Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rolf Hansen

    Rolf Hansen Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Alexander Lernet-Holenia

    Alexander Lernet-Holenia Screenplay

  5. Photo of Zarah Leander

    Zarah Leander Cast

  6. Photo of Grethe Weiser

    Grethe Weiser Cast

  7. Photo of Viktor Staal

    Viktor Staal Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Hörbiger

    Paul Hörbiger Cast

  9. Photo of Wolfgang Preiss

    Wolfgang Preiss Cast

  10. Photo of Hans Schwarz Jr.

    Hans Schwarz Jr. Cast

  11. Photo of Victor Janson

    Victor Janson Cast

  12. Photo of Leopold von Ledebur

    Leopold von Ledebur Cast

  13. Photo of Julia Serda

    Julia Serda Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  15. Photo of Erich Dunskus

    Erich Dunskus Cast

  16. Photo of Wilhelm Althaus

    Wilhelm Althaus Cast

  17. Photo of Olga Engl

    Olga Engl Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Etlinger

    Karl Etlinger Cast

  19. Photo of Ilse Fürstenberg

    Ilse Fürstenberg Cast

  20. Photo of Paul W. Krüger

    Paul W. Krüger Cast

  21. Photo of Walter Lieck

    Walter Lieck Cast

  22. Photo of Hugo Froelich

    Hugo Froelich Cast

  23. Photo of Henry Lorenzen

    Henry Lorenzen Cast

  24. Photo of Hermann Pfeiffer

    Hermann Pfeiffer Cast

  25. Photo of Grete Reinwald

    Grete Reinwald Cast

  26. Photo of Armin Schweizer

    Armin Schweizer Cast

  27. Photo of Ewald Wenck

    Ewald Wenck Cast

  28. Photo of Gotthart Portloff

    Gotthart Portloff Cast

  29. Photo of Just Scheu

    Just Scheu Cast

  30. Photo of Erna Sellmer

    Erna Sellmer Cast

  31. Photo of Agnes Windeck

    Agnes Windeck Cast

  32. Photo of Rudolf Woldrich

    Rudolf Woldrich Cast

  33. Photo of Franz Weihmayr

    Franz Weihmayr Cinematography

  34. Photo of Michael Jary

    Michael Jary Music

  35. Photo of Walter Haag

    Walter Haag Production Design

  36. Photo of Walter Bolz

    Walter Bolz Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Anna Höllering

    Anna Höllering Editing

  38. Photo of Werner Pohl

    Werner Pohl Sound