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  1. Photo of Andrew L. Stone

    Andrew L. Stone Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Horst Buchholz

    Horst Buchholz Cast

  3. Photo of Mary Costa

    Mary Costa Cast

  4. Photo of Nigel Patrick

    Nigel Patrick Cast

  5. Photo of Yvonne Mitchell

    Yvonne Mitchell Cast

  6. Photo of Rossano Brazzi

    Rossano Brazzi Cast

  7. Photo of Susan Robinson

    Susan Robinson Cast

  8. Photo of George Howe

    George Howe Cast

  9. Photo of James Faulkner

    James Faulkner Cast

  10. Photo of Hermione Farthingale

    Hermione Farthingale Cast

  11. Photo of Marty Allen

    Marty Allen Cast

  12. Photo of Guido Wieland

    Guido Wieland Cast

  13. Photo of Willard Parker

    Willard Parker Cast

  14. Photo of Helmut Janatsch

    Helmut Janatsch Cast

  15. Photo of Davis Boulton

    Davis Boulton Cinematography

  16. Photo of Johann Strauß

    Johann Strauß Music

  17. Photo of Ernest Walter

    Ernest Walter Editing