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  1. Photo of Tom Gries

    Tom Gries Director

  2. Photo of Ring Lardner Jr.

    Ring Lardner Jr. Screenplay

  3. Photo of Herbert Muhammad

    Herbert Muhammad Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Durham

    Richard Durham Screenplay

  5. Photo of Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali Cast and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Robert Duvall

    Robert Duvall Cast

  7. Photo of James Earl Jones

    James Earl Jones Cast

  8. Photo of Ernest Borgnine

    Ernest Borgnine Cast

  9. Photo of Sally Bondi

    Sally Bondi Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Gullage

    Richard Gullage Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Adams

    Arthur Adams Cast

  12. Photo of Dorothy Meyer

    Dorothy Meyer Cast

  13. Photo of Rahaman Ali

    Rahaman Ali Cast

  14. Photo of Howard Bingham

    Howard Bingham Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Venture

    Richard Venture Cast

  16. Photo of W. Youngblood Muhammad

    W. Youngblood Muhammad Cast

  17. Photo of Lloyd Haynes

    Lloyd Haynes Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson Cast

  19. Photo of Harry Stradling Jr.

    Harry Stradling Jr. Cinematography

  20. Photo of Michael Masser

    Michael Masser Music

  21. Photo of Robert S. Smith

    Robert S. Smith Production Design

  22. Photo of John Marshall

    John Marshall Producer

  23. Photo of Byron 'Buzz' Brandt

    Byron 'Buzz' Brandt Editing