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  1. Photo of Morgan Spurlock

    Morgan Spurlock Director, Producer, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Jeremy Chilnick

    Jeremy Chilnick Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Abbie Hurewitz

    Abbie Hurewitz Producer

  4. Photo of Keith Calder

    Keith Calder Producer

  5. Photo of Daniel Marracino

    Daniel Marracino Cinematography

  6. Photo of Tom Vogt

    Tom Vogt Editing

  7. Photo of Marrian Cho

    Marrian Cho Editing

  8. Photo of Brett Ratner

    Brett Ratner Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Berg

    Peter Berg Cast

  10. Photo of Noam Chomsky

    Noam Chomsky Cast

  11. Photo of Ralph Nader

    Ralph Nader Cast

  12. Photo of Antonio Reid

    Antonio Reid Cast