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  1. Photo of Shana Feste

    Shana Feste Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Carey Mulligan

    Carey Mulligan Cast

  3. Photo of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Cast

  4. Photo of Susan Sarandon

    Susan Sarandon Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Shannon

    Michael Shannon Cast

  6. Photo of Johnny Simmons

    Johnny Simmons Cast

  7. Photo of Jennifer Ehle

    Jennifer Ehle Cast

  8. Photo of Cara Seymour

    Cara Seymour Cast

  9. Photo of Zoë Kravitz

    Zoë Kravitz Cast

  10. Photo of Portia

    Portia Cast

  11. Photo of Lindsay Beamish

    Lindsay Beamish Cast

  12. Photo of John Bailey

    John Bailey Cinematography

  13. Photo of Christophe Beck

    Christophe Beck Music

  14. Photo of Judy Rhee

    Judy Rhee Production Design

  15. Photo of Lynette Howell

    Lynette Howell Producer

  16. Photo of Beau St. Clair

    Beau St. Clair Producer

  17. Photo of Pierce Brosnan

    Pierce Brosnan Executive Producer and Cast

  18. Photo of Anthony Callie

    Anthony Callie Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Doug Dey

    Doug Dey Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Ron Hartenbaum

    Ron Hartenbaum Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Aaron Kaufman

    Aaron Kaufman Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Douglas Kuber

    Douglas Kuber Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Myles Nestel

    Myles Nestel Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Cara Silverman

    Cara Silverman Editing