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  1. Photo of Ray Kellogg

    Ray Kellogg Director

  2. Photo of Mervyn LeRoy

    Mervyn LeRoy Director

  3. Photo of James Lee Barrett

    James Lee Barrett Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robin Moore

    Robin Moore Screenplay

  5. Photo of John Wayne

    John Wayne Cast and Director

  6. Photo of David Janssen

    David Janssen Cast

  7. Photo of Jim Hutton

    Jim Hutton Cast

  8. Photo of Bruce Cabot

    Bruce Cabot Cast

  9. Photo of Patrick Wayne

    Patrick Wayne Cast

  10. Photo of Luke Askew

    Luke Askew Cast

  11. Photo of Aldo Ray

    Aldo Ray Cast

  12. Photo of Jack Soo

    Jack Soo Cast

  13. Photo of George Takei

    George Takei Cast

  14. Photo of Irene Tsu

    Irene Tsu Cast

  15. Photo of Mike Henry

    Mike Henry Cast

  16. Photo of Jason Evers

    Jason Evers Cast

  17. Photo of Raymond St. Jacques

    Raymond St. Jacques Cast

  18. Photo of Edward Faulkner

    Edward Faulkner Cast

  19. Photo of Winton C. Hoch

    Winton C. Hoch Cinematography

  20. Photo of Miklós Rózsa

    Miklós Rózsa Music

  21. Photo of Walter M. Simonds

    Walter M. Simonds Production Design

  22. Photo of Michael Wayne

    Michael Wayne Producer

  23. Photo of Otho Lovering

    Otho Lovering Editing

  24. Photo of Stanley Jones

    Stanley Jones Sound