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  1. Photo of Anders Thomas Jensen

    Anders Thomas Jensen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kim Magnusson

    Kim Magnusson Producer

  3. Photo of Tivi Magnusson

    Tivi Magnusson Producer

  4. Photo of Sebastian Blenkov

    Sebastian Blenkov Cinematography

  5. Photo of Anders Villadsen

    Anders Villadsen Editing

  6. Photo of Mia Stensgaard

    Mia Stensgaard Production Design

  7. Photo of Jeppe Kaas

    Jeppe Kaas Music

  8. Photo of Nikolaj Lie Kaas

    Nikolaj Lie Kaas Cast

  9. Photo of Mads Mikkelsen

    Mads Mikkelsen Cast

  10. Photo of Line Kruse

    Line Kruse Cast

  11. Photo of Ole Thestrup

    Ole Thestrup Cast

  12. Photo of Bodil Jørgensen

    Bodil Jørgensen Cast

  13. Photo of Aksel Erhardtsen

    Aksel Erhardtsen Cast

  14. Photo of Lily Weiding

    Lily Weiding Cast

  15. Photo of Nicolas Bro

    Nicolas Bro Cast

  16. Photo of Jakob Cedergren

    Jakob Cedergren Cast