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  1. Photo of Robert Day

    Robert Day Director

  2. Photo of Basil Dearden

    Basil Dearden Director

  3. Photo of Sidney Gilliat

    Sidney Gilliat Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Frank Launder

    Frank Launder Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Alastair Sim

    Alastair Sim Cast

  6. Photo of George Cole

    George Cole Cast

  7. Photo of Terry-Thomas

    Terry-Thomas Cast

  8. Photo of Jill Adams

    Jill Adams Cast

  9. Photo of Raymond Huntley

    Raymond Huntley Cast

  10. Photo of Colin Gordon

    Colin Gordon Cast

  11. Photo of Avril Angers

    Avril Angers Cast

  12. Photo of Eileen Moore

    Eileen Moore Cast

  13. Photo of Dora Bryan

    Dora Bryan Cast

  14. Photo of John Chandos

    John Chandos Cast

  15. Photo of Cyril Chamberlain

    Cyril Chamberlain Cast

  16. Photo of Richard Wattis

    Richard Wattis Cast

  17. Photo of Vivien Wood

    Vivien Wood Cast

  18. Photo of Marie Burke

    Marie Burke Cast

  19. Photo of Lucy Griffiths

    Lucy Griffiths Cast

  20. Photo of Arthur Brough

    Arthur Brough Cast

  21. Photo of Arthur Lowe

    Arthur Lowe Cast

  22. Photo of Alexander Gauge

    Alexander Gauge Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Bull

    Peter Bull Cast

  24. Photo of Willoughby Goddard

    Willoughby Goddard Cast

  25. Photo of Michael Ripper

    Michael Ripper Cast

  26. Photo of Leslie Weston

    Leslie Weston Cast

  27. Photo of Doris Yorke

    Doris Yorke Cast

  28. Photo of Gerald Gibbs

    Gerald Gibbs Cinematography

  29. Photo of Muir Mathieson

    Muir Mathieson Music

  30. Photo of Wilfred Shingleton

    Wilfred Shingleton Production Design

  31. Photo of Leslie Gilliat

    Leslie Gilliat Producer

  32. Photo of Bernard Gribble

    Bernard Gribble Editing

  33. Photo of Buster Ambler

    Buster Ambler Sound

  34. Photo of John Cox

    John Cox Sound

  35. Photo of John Glen

    John Glen Sound

  36. Photo of Red Law

    Red Law Sound

  37. Photo of Ken Ritchie

    Ken Ritchie Sound

  38. Photo of Harry Tate

    Harry Tate Sound

  39. Photo of Anna Duse

    Anna Duse Costume Design