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  1. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Green Wave

    Sorry, but this film doesn't work. The victims don't deserve the kitsch of these badly animated sequences with horrible music which rather make one laugh than being taken aback or shocked by the events. Maybe somebody has seen Ari Folman's "Waltz with Bashir" and thought: "He let's do something similar and make some nice little drawings for our documentary..."

  2. gustborges's rating of the film The Green Wave

    I've been once to Iran and heard terrible stories about prisons and torture, but also met the most kind and helpful people I've ever known. And they are hopeful in their struggle that things can change. And they inspire me, here in Brazil, to keep fighting for freedom and human dignity.

  3. Leco's rating of the film The Green Wave

    I'm speechless. And afraid, for Brazil's democracy is yet at a young age, 31 years is the longest period without it being shaken (we're off dictatorship since 85). And yet we see right now those who keep fiddling with it. Don't they know what can happen, with this ongoing soft coup? Or do they? Are they the kindred of torturers of yore? Yes, I'm afraid. But we will fight. Never forget to never let it happen again.

  4. Dennis Morgan's rating of the film The Green Wave

    An excellent film about the courage of individuals willing to make a change whilst the West takes up its seat as a spectator once again!

  5. Sirius_911's rating of the film The Green Wave

    Un documentaire dont l'originalité est d'entremêler témoignages images d'archives et animation dans un montage particulièrement rythmé et agréable. On est véritablement plongé dans le vif du soulèvement post-électoral iranien de 2009. Il est regrettable toutefois que les séquences animées, qui ne sont là au final que pour accentuer la dramatisation du récit, prennent autant le dessus au détriment de la réflexion.

  6. Ezuzuzu's rating of the film The Green Wave

    As a being middle easterner and a citizen of Turkish republic, I wish to end all of our sorrow and all of inhumane procedures of our governments. That was a very good, at the same time dolorous documentary which unfolds the bravery and the misery of the Iranian citizens.

  7. Mel's rating of the film The Green Wave

    son iki aydır gözlemlediğim bir husus şu ki; bu altyazısız film yayınlama işini fazla abartmadınız mı ?

  8. Elia Stupka's rating of the film The Green Wave

    Touching, truthful. A strong reminder of what happened not so long ago and is already forgotten.

  9. mgaspa's rating of the film The Green Wave

  10. E.j. 'Russ' McDevitt's rating of the film The Green Wave

    To Ali Samadi Ahadi, Were you aware that my book published in 2009 The Quigley Alchemy, (Amazon) was dedicated to Neda? RussMcDevitt.

  11. Algitya's rating of the film The Green Wave

    Suara dari dalam, mana mungkin nggak jujur.