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Ratings & Reviews

  1. AVA's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    Eine andere Sicht, die bislang unzählig Unbedachtes offenbart.Erschreckende Maschinerie, die ihre Funktionalität nicht verloren hat. Brillianter Film.

  2. Thomas Kestler's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    Not per se a bad movie. Yet it is amusement; and that is unbearable. Shoah by Claude Lanzmann (and his later work) may be the the only respectful piece of motion picture so far (that i have seen).

  3. tinderness's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    Unmöglich, darüber zu reden...

  4. Epinephrin's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    Very visual, emotional. Still...this american films...i always thought than american language as a mean of communication between jewish prisoners, SS guards ...makes everything so stagged / fake / american / unbelievable

  5. Elinor Lewy's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    Hard to swallow, filled with ambivalence, and absolutely great!

  6. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    Unpolished, especially when it comes to building atmosphere (maybe familiar Hollywood bad-boy faces are to blame?). Leaves an impression though and tackles the extremely complex topic of the Sonderkommandos and their dilemmas when choosing between survival and humanity.

  7. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    This is a chamber play. What makes it so special? It leads us, you and me, instantly and individually, right into „the grey zone“. In other words, it ultimatively raises the question: how far would you go to survive? You have to ask yourself: what I would have done? What is dignity, humanity? And it also shows that at least a few Jews took their fate in their own hands.

  8. Johnny DuBiel's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    While it could have possibly been greater in the hands of a more seasoned and capable director (it feels oddly stagey and not all that cinematic), Nelson's film is still powerful. There are a lot of elements that don't work, but the final product still manages to curiously stay with you. The message at the film's end crystallizes everything that preceded it, and packs a surprising punch.

  9. Bret Bynum's rating of the film The Grey Zone

    Few films have put the holocaust into perspective for me like this film has. This movie tears me apart. This movie will leave you completely breathless.