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  1. Luca Soldati's rating of the film The Grey

  2. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film The Grey

    Running from the pack: survival of the fittest.

  3. spasmolytic's rating of the film The Grey

    Nature and the nature of man is simultaneously cruel and beautiful, just like the wolf, only the wolf doesn't struggle with the duality. Who wins in the fight to death between the two alpha greys? The physical embodiment of nature, or the one who sees himself as separate and above it. Man’s falsely presumed ascendancy over nature failed in the plane crash, it will fail again. God's silence commanding submission.

  4. Ann Burden's rating of the film The Grey

  5. Cartaphilus's rating of the film The Grey

  6. Jason Av's rating of the film The Grey

  7. Amanda A.Costa's rating of the film The Grey

    CGI Effects were so disappointed, otherwise we would have a great film about survival cause the tension is well applied. Liam Neeson is nice as usual, he s definitely now a reference in action movies, or even drama in this case. So visually, this movie has defaults, still good entertaining though.

  8. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film The Grey

    A film about survival that understands man vs. nature is always about man vs. himself. Very Jack London.

  9. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film The Grey

  10. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film The Grey

    Overall ok movie, good performance by Liam, but too generic a plot.

  11. Terry_Moby's rating of the film The Grey

    The always reliable Neeson in a good old-fashioned man against nature adventure story with some existentialist undertones. Good music, great camerawork.

  12. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film The Grey

  13. Dalibor's rating of the film The Grey

    Movie tries to explore the psychology of facing death (with each occurring in a different way for a different reason), although wolves as a main allegory for it are presented rather unconvincingly. It's aesthetics and an eventful script turned it into a fine thriller, but it fell short in achieving elaborate drama, as most of the (secondary) characters offered way too little outside cliche character lines.

  14. Mia Calavera's rating of the film The Grey

    Although the plot is rather unconvincing, the underlying psychological battle in dealing with death does come through. I gave it 4 stars because it has Liam Neeson and it made me curious about the short story on which it is based on.

  15. RoRoRoro's rating of the film The Grey

  16. Gabriel's rating of the film The Grey

    Overrated movie. We all know what is gonna happen at the very first, so the movie starts just after the first half and hour. And after that we have a lineal script which move us always forward with a few breaks for out of timing existentialism. But after that, Neeson's interpretation is great, tension and fear have been well achieved, and the final scene is the kind of endings that I particularly like to watch.

  17. chanandre's rating of the film The Grey

    That poignant shot of Ottway (oddway?) lookin' up & cussing to "god", asking for a shot at surviving, begging for a miracle. How Bergman-y/Dreyer-y was that? No use>they all die. No country for men. No forgiveness. No redemption. No happy ending. Most, decent family men. Wallets collected as dog tags off of fallen soldiers. Wolves' den as hell.THE best plane crash I've seen on the last decade(puts "Flight" to shame).

  18. Nick Schwab's rating of the film The Grey

    A literate Hollowoodized action-thriller in these modern times? Yup. The Grey is a film that despite its action-blockbuster elements is still heartfelt. It's an existentialist mediation on death, mortality, and what it means to be (and to stay) alive. One of the most poetic and affecting films with blockbuster elements in the post-modern age. It has it all, from: action, to drama, emotion, and (gasp!) higher meaning.

  19. Emma Joye's rating of the film The Grey

  20. mjgildea's rating of the film The Grey

    Once The Grey was over, I didn't exactly feel like I was missing out by not seeing it sooner, but I definitely felt like more of a man for seeing it. Not a ton in the way of character development but what the audience was given was great (namely Dermot Mulrooney's final scene.) The final minute kind of makes the movie and gave me a whole new appreciation for Liam Neeson.

  21. dave gunn's rating of the film The Grey

    A no-holds-barred match between human and non-human animal. This was suspenseful as fuck.

  22. CinemaDead's rating of the film The Grey

    it's man against nature or man against himself?

  23. rrrno's rating of the film The Grey

    Solo falto que los lobos bailaran can can, película sin pies ni cabezas, una reverenda mierda.

  24. dschank's rating of the film The Grey

    while not perfect, i thought this was a surprisingly badass and occasionally even well-scripted bit of manly indulgence. sure, it's a movie where liam neeson is HUNTED DOWN BY WOLVES, but if you can stomach the premise, it's also tense, fun and enjoyably bleak. and dare i say it? i actually thought the subplot with the pseudo-bad-guy was genuinely heartfelt and well-rendered. watch this instead of "prometheus."

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