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  1. Photo of Robert Aldrich

    Robert Aldrich Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Leon Griffiths

    Leon Griffiths Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Hadley Chase

    James Hadley Chase Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kim Darby

    Kim Darby Cast

  5. Photo of Scott Wilson

    Scott Wilson Cast

  6. Photo of Tony Musante

    Tony Musante Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Lansing

    Robert Lansing Cast

  8. Photo of Connie Stevens

    Connie Stevens Cast

  9. Photo of Irene Dailey

    Irene Dailey Cast

  10. Photo of Wesley Addy

    Wesley Addy Cast

  11. Photo of Joey Faye

    Joey Faye Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Baseleon

    Michael Baseleon Cast

  13. Photo of Ralph Waite

    Ralph Waite Cast

  14. Photo of Hal Baylor

    Hal Baylor Cast

  15. Photo of Matt Clark

    Matt Clark Cast

  16. Photo of Alvin Hammer

    Alvin Hammer Cast

  17. Photo of Dots Johnson

    Dots Johnson Cast

  18. Photo of Don Keefer

    Don Keefer Cast

  19. Photo of Mort Marshall

    Mort Marshall Cast

  20. Photo of Elliott Street

    Elliott Street Cast

  21. Photo of Dave Willock

    Dave Willock Cast

  22. Photo of Alex Wilson

    Alex Wilson Cast

  23. Photo of Raymond Guth

    Raymond Guth Cast

  24. Photo of John Steadman

    John Steadman Cast

  25. Photo of Joseph F. Biroc

    Joseph F. Biroc Cinematography

  26. Photo of Gerald Fried

    Gerald Fried Music

  27. Photo of James Dowell Vance

    James Dowell Vance Production Design

  28. Photo of Michael Luciano

    Michael Luciano Editing

  29. Photo of Frank J. Urioste

    Frank J. Urioste Editing

  30. Photo of Richard S. Church

    Richard S. Church Sound

  31. Photo of Norma Koch

    Norma Koch Costume Design