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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Rocco's rating of the film The Gruesome Twosome

    A bit rough around the edges, even for HGL. What makes this a pleasure, however is the addition of intentional humor and batty character work to the director's familiar splatter formula. Elizabeth Davis plays the deranged Miss Pringle with a drag queen's finely tuned sense of camp, while Gretchen Wells is a hoot as a lovably dim yet dauntless would-be Nancy Drew.

  2. ZYNAB's rating of the film The Gruesome Twosome

    kind of odd to say but a really whimsical one from herschell!!! i knew from the start with the cute mannequin heads talking like puppets that i would love this

  3. Remote Viewer's rating of the film The Gruesome Twosome

    - - great prologue between two polystyrene heads - seemed akin to something I would create after 8 beers in my parents’ basement. Next Colin Farrell w/down syndrome kicks off scalpfest under the watchful eye of a stuffed leopard named Napoleon. Rather deliciously ridiculous.

  4. ghsdtgsdhgsdasghd's rating of the film The Gruesome Twosome

    Mais um clássico do mestre H.G. Lewis. Boa história, simples e divertida (se não fosse tão descabida poderia ser perturbadora. É isso que eu gosto nos filmes deste homem). Boa representação dos teenagers dos anos 50: girls & cars, beach & surf music!!