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  1. Photo of John Michael McDonagh

    John Michael McDonagh Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Paul Brett

    Paul Brett Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Chris Clark

    Chris Clark Producer

  4. Photo of Flora Fernandez-Marengo

    Flora Fernandez-Marengo Producer

  5. Photo of Ed Guiney

    Ed Guiney Producer

  6. Photo of Ralph Kamp

    Ralph Kamp Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Andrew Lowe

    Andrew Lowe Producer

  8. Photo of David Nash

    David Nash Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Tim Smith

    Tim Smith Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Lenore Zerman

    Lenore Zerman Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Larry Smith

    Larry Smith Cinematography

  12. Photo of Chris Gill

    Chris Gill Editing

  13. Photo of John Paul Kelly

    John Paul Kelly Production Design

  14. Photo of Niall Brady

    Niall Brady Sound

  15. Photo of Brendan Gleeson

    Brendan Gleeson Cast

  16. Photo of Don Cheadle

    Don Cheadle Cast and Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Mark Strong

    Mark Strong Cast

  18. Photo of Liam Cunningham

    Liam Cunningham Cast

  19. Photo of David Wilmot

    David Wilmot Cast

  20. Photo of Dominique McElligott

    Dominique McElligott Cast

  21. Photo of Fionnula Flanagan

    Fionnula Flanagan Cast

  22. Photo of Rory Keenan

    Rory Keenan Cast

  23. Photo of Sarah Greene

    Sarah Greene Cast

  24. Photo of Katarina Cas

    Katarina Cas Cast

  25. Photo of Pat Shortt

    Pat Shortt Cast

  26. Photo of Darren Healy

    Darren Healy Cast