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  1. Photo of Suzanne Osten

    Suzanne Osten Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Madeleine Gustafsson

    Madeleine Gustafsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ricarda Huch

    Ricarda Huch Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pia Bäckström

    Pia Bäckström Cast

  5. Photo of Malin Ek

    Malin Ek Cast

  6. Photo of Etienne Glaser

    Etienne Glaser Cast and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Hanna Hartleb

    Hanna Hartleb Cast

  8. Photo of Björn Kjellman

    Björn Kjellman Cast

  9. Photo of Tuncel Kurtiz

    Tuncel Kurtiz Cast

  10. Photo of Sven Lindqvist

    Sven Lindqvist Cast

  11. Photo of Lena Nylén

    Lena Nylén Cast

  12. Photo of Gunilla Röör

    Gunilla Röör Cast

  13. Photo of Reuben Sallmander

    Reuben Sallmander Cast

  14. Photo of Lars Wiik

    Lars Wiik Cast

  15. Photo of Philip Zandén

    Philip Zandén Cast

  16. Photo of Göran Nilsson

    Göran Nilsson Cinematography

  17. Photo of Mona Theresia Forsén

    Mona Theresia Forsén Production Design

  18. Photo of Anders Birkeland

    Anders Birkeland Producer

  19. Photo of Michal Leszczylowski

    Michal Leszczylowski Editing