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  1. Photo of James Ivory

    James Ivory Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

    Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rita Tushingham

    Rita Tushingham Cast

  4. Photo of Michael York

    Michael York Cast

  5. Photo of Utpal Dutt

    Utpal Dutt Cast

  6. Photo of Madhur Jaffrey

    Madhur Jaffrey Cast

  7. Photo of Barry Foster

    Barry Foster Cast

  8. Photo of Aparna Sen

    Aparna Sen Cast

  9. Photo of Zohra Sehgal

    Zohra Sehgal Cast

  10. Photo of Saeed Jaffrey

    Saeed Jaffrey Cast

  11. Photo of Nana Palsikar

    Nana Palsikar Cast

  12. Photo of Nadira

    Nadira Cast

  13. Photo of Leela Naidu

    Leela Naidu Cast

  14. Photo of Usha Katrah

    Usha Katrah Cast

  15. Photo of Fred Ohringer

    Fred Ohringer Cast

  16. Photo of Nargis Cowalsji

    Nargis Cowalsji Cast

  17. Photo of Marcus Murch

    Marcus Murch Cast

  18. Photo of Dorothy Strelsin

    Dorothy Strelsin Cast

  19. Photo of Rafi Ameer

    Rafi Ameer Cast

  20. Photo of Soni Aurora

    Soni Aurora Cast

  21. Photo of Agarwal

    Agarwal Cast

  22. Photo of Pinchoo Kapoor

    Pinchoo Kapoor Cast

  23. Photo of Prayag Raj

    Prayag Raj Cast

  24. Photo of Dina Pathak

    Dina Pathak Cast

  25. Photo of Subrata Mitra

    Subrata Mitra Cinematography

  26. Photo of Ustad Vilayat Khan

    Ustad Vilayat Khan Music

  27. Photo of V. Balsara

    V. Balsara Music

  28. Photo of Ustad Fayez Ahmed Khan

    Ustad Fayez Ahmed Khan Music

  29. Photo of Ustad Imrat Khan

    Ustad Imrat Khan Music

  30. Photo of Ustad Shakoor Khan

    Ustad Shakoor Khan Music

  31. Photo of Ustad Zinda Hasan Khan

    Ustad Zinda Hasan Khan Music

  32. Photo of Pandit Shanta Prasad

    Pandit Shanta Prasad Music

  33. Photo of Bansi Chandragupta

    Bansi Chandragupta Production Design

  34. Photo of Ismail Merchant

    Ismail Merchant Producer and Cast

  35. Photo of Muriel Neff

    Muriel Neff Producer

  36. Photo of Peter Reilly

    Peter Reilly Producer

  37. Photo of Prabhakar Supare

    Prabhakar Supare Editing

  38. Photo of Brian Blamey

    Brian Blamey Sound

  39. Photo of Don Ranasinghe

    Don Ranasinghe Sound