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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Hard Way

    Une comédie sans fraîcheur, aux gags éculés et qui se traîne de bout en bout malgré le talent de James Woods .....

  2. Tyler Wright's rating of the film The Hard Way

    The relationship between Woods and Fox is amazing, but it just absolutely peeves me how un-self aware The Hard Way is. It's all about being realistic and showing Fox's character "this life of being a cop isn't like what you see in the movies" yet the film does EVERY SINGLE buddy cop cliche in the book, and it isn't intentional satire either...just lazy writing.

  3. Ryan Pearce's rating of the film The Hard Way

    LL Cool J's wardrobe is immaculate in this. Paisley print shirts, big gold chains, bucket hats. So fresh. 2013 is jocking '91 stylez.

  4. MR. Universe's rating of the film The Hard Way

    Michael J. fox is too lovebale for this film. Audiences like to see him in comedies and physical, But when it comes to action he looks like a innocent in a combat zone. Which is why his couple of action films bombed. It's a shame because he gives noteworthy performances. Because he is trying to showrange and break out of his mold. Unfortunately audiences won't let him. he islike the 80's tom hanks in that way.