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  1. Photo of Joseph Vilsmaier

    Joseph Vilsmaier Director, Cinematography Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Jürgen Büscher

    Jürgen Büscher Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jürgen Egger

    Jürgen Egger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Klaus Richter

    Klaus Richter Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ben Becker

    Ben Becker Cast

  6. Photo of Heino Ferch

    Heino Ferch Cast

  7. Photo of Ulrich Noethen

    Ulrich Noethen Cast

  8. Photo of Heinrich Schafmeister

    Heinrich Schafmeister Cast

  9. Photo of Max Tidof

    Max Tidof Cast

  10. Photo of Kai Wiesinger

    Kai Wiesinger Cast

  11. Photo of Meret Becker

    Meret Becker Cast

  12. Photo of Katja Riemann

    Katja Riemann Cast

  13. Photo of Noemi Fischer

    Noemi Fischer Cast

  14. Photo of Dana Vávrová

    Dana Vávrová Cast

  15. Photo of Otto Sander

    Otto Sander Cast

  16. Photo of Michaela Rosen

    Michaela Rosen Cast

  17. Photo of Günter Lamprecht

    Günter Lamprecht Cast

  18. Photo of Gérard Semaan

    Gérard Semaan Cast

  19. Photo of Rolf Hoppe

    Rolf Hoppe Cast

  20. Photo of Jürgen Schornagel

    Jürgen Schornagel Cast

  21. Photo of Rudolf Wessely

    Rudolf Wessely Cast

  22. Photo of Susi Nicoletti

    Susi Nicoletti Cast

  23. Photo of Giora Feidman

    Giora Feidman Cast

  24. Photo of Kathi Lindner

    Kathi Lindner Cast

  25. Photo of Harald Kloser

    Harald Kloser Music

  26. Photo of Thomas Schobel

    Thomas Schobel Music

  27. Photo of Rolf Zehetbauer

    Rolf Zehetbauer Production Design

  28. Photo of Hanno Huth

    Hanno Huth Producer

  29. Photo of Reinhard Klooss

    Reinhard Klooss Producer

  30. Photo of Danny Krausz

    Danny Krausz Producer

  31. Photo of Peter Sterr

    Peter Sterr Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Peter R. Adam

    Peter R. Adam Editing