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  1. Photo of Dan Golden

    Dan Golden Director

  2. Photo of Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

    Thomas McKelvey Cleaver Screenplay

  3. Photo of Krista Allen

    Krista Allen Cast

  4. Photo of Don Stroud

    Don Stroud Cast

  5. Photo of Duane Whitaker

    Duane Whitaker Cast

  6. Photo of Jeff Phillips

    Jeff Phillips Cast

  7. Photo of James Brolin

    James Brolin Cast

  8. Photo of Joanna Pacula

    Joanna Pacula Cast

  9. Photo of Ronald William Lawrence

    Ronald William Lawrence Cast

  10. Photo of Eb Lottimer

    Eb Lottimer Cast

  11. Photo of Leonard Donato

    Leonard Donato Cast

  12. Photo of Cole S. McKay

    Cole S. McKay Cast

  13. Photo of Brendon Crigler

    Brendon Crigler Cast

  14. Photo of John B. Aronson

    John B. Aronson Cinematography

  15. Photo of Nigel Holton

    Nigel Holton Music

  16. Photo of David Wurst

    David Wurst Music

  17. Photo of Eric Wurst

    Eric Wurst Music

  18. Photo of Nava

    Nava Production Design

  19. Photo of Marta M. Mobley

    Marta M. Mobley Producer

  20. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Robert Berman

    Robert Berman Editing

  22. Photo of Jeffrey D. German

    Jeffrey D. German Sound

  23. Photo of Buck Robinson

    Buck Robinson Sound

  24. Photo of Bonnie Stauch

    Bonnie Stauch Costume Design